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Meet Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson – 2020 Keynote Speaker

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur
Betsey Johnson has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960s. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over-the-top, her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision has kept her at the forefront of fashion for over 40 years. She is the recipient of the Council of Fashion Designers of America Timeless Talent Award (created just for her by the CFDA), The National Arts Club Johnson Medal of Honor of Lifetime Achievement in Fashion, and was honored with a plaque on the Fashion Walk of Fame.

The first memoir from the internationally famous fashion designer and style icon: “BETSEY: A Memoir”

“For many women, it’s hard to remember a time before Betsey Johnson… Nearly every It Girl—real and aspiring—has a Betsey Johnson story, either about wearing one of her dresses (trouble typically would ensue) or desperately wanting one… Johnson is sharing her own story for the first time… The stories revealed…will surprise and delight.” – VOGUE

“In this celebration of female entrepreneurship, Johnson writes about creating one’s own opportunities and blazing forward despite the odds… Filled with nostalgic photos, this upbeat memoir captures the spirit and irreverence of Johnson’s colorful personality and clothing.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“This candid book by a pioneering female entrepreneur and American original, illustrated with photos and quirky doodles, also offers details about motherhood, marriages to drug addicts and control freaks, and the obstacles one faces when battling breast cancer. Entertaining reading for fashionistas and Johnson fans alike.” – KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Iconic fashion designer Johnson recalls a tumultuous life in this gossipy, spirited, and amply illustrated memoir… In addition to providing provocative insight into the ups and downs of life in the fashion industry, Johnson cheerfully details a complicated private life… Anyone fascinated by New York in the sixties and seventies or by fashion in general will relish this one.” – BOOKLIST

“Flamboyant, relatable, and totally unpretentious, Betsey Johnson is my kind of gal. This inspiring book is literally a manual for how to succeed in fashion and in life, all the while remaining completely and utterly true to yourself.” – SIMON DOONAN, author of Drag: The Complete Story and expert judge on NBC’s Making It

Mention the name Betsey Johnson and almost every woman from the age of 15 to 75 can rapturously recall a favorite dress or outfit of hers, whether worn for a prom, a wedding, or just to stand out from the crowd in a colorful style unlike anyone else’s. Some may remember Betsey best as a renegade single mother who palled around with Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, and The Velvet Underground. They may also know her as a woman who built an empire from scratch, or even as a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Others are familiar with her as the designer who brought stretch clothing to the masses in the 80s and 90s. She is also famous for her iconic pink stores (in 2011 she had 65 shops across the U.S.) and for her habit of closing out her runway shows with a signature split or cartwheel. Throughout her decades-long career, she’s taken pride in producing exciting but rule-breaking clothing at an accessible price-all while running her own company.

In “BETSEY: A Memoir” the iconic designer and businesswoman cartwheels off the page in a lively retelling of her life and career—revealing what it took to go from a white picket fence childhood in Connecticut to an internationally known force in the fashion world. Taking readers behind the tutu, Betsey shares candid memories of the fashion and downtown scene in the 1960s and how she started her own business from the ground up after designing successfully for multiple other houses. She discusses that business’s ups and downs and reinventions (including bankruptcy); her thoughts on love, divorce, men, and motherhood; as well as her bout with breast cancer. Told in Betsey’s enduringly witty and exuberant voice, these stories will charm and delight readers – just as Betsey’s unique, effervescent style has done for decades.

Richly illustrated with many of Betsey’s landmark clothes, fashion sketches, and personal photos, “BETSEY” is the perfect memento for every woman for whom Betsey is, as a recent New York Times profile noted, “a role model still.”
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