LOCATION Indiana Convention Center
DATE November 3, 202111/03/2021 07:00 AM11/03/2021 04:00 PM

Words of Wisdom from Indiana Conference for Women Speakers…

Susan Decker • Jun 5th, 2020

A dispute over a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill and George Floyd’s last words of “I can’t breathe brought our nation to its knees and ripped away the veil of centuries of systemic racial injustice and inequality.  As a community of women, we know all too well what it feels like to be denied opportunities based on race or gender.  We know what it is like to be afraid, and to be angry about injustice.  We know what it is like to summon up the courage to call out what is wrong.  And these things are almost insurmountable challenges for the women of color who are integral to our community.

The Indiana Conference for Women brings together girls and women from every socioeconomic and racial background for the purpose of educating, inspiring and empowering us all.  We do this because we know that women profoundly change the world in positive and empowering ways.  We are committed to bringing to our stage the important voices of women leaders who challenge us, inspire us, and help us on our journey, especially during this time. These women are part of our community too and their voices represent us. In this moment, we want to let them speak for us.

Words of wisdom from ICFW speakers…

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