Marie Maher

Founder, Synapse Sitters LLC

Marie Maher

Founder, Synapse Sitters LLC


Marie Maher is the founder of Synapse Sitters LLC. Synapse Sitters is an online community that connects parents of children with autism and children with Down syndrome with qualified caregivers. After learning her son was on the autism spectrum, Marie very quickly realized that her needs when looking for a babysitter had drastically changed. Seeing that there was no real dedicated network for this type of caregiver, she decided to create one. This journey from idea to reality of began in May 2017.

Maher has a sales background in a myriad of industries that include manufacturing, technology, and financial products. Maher was previously the founder of, another online network for parents and caregivers. Lullaby Sitters served the Indy community for 2 years, connecting parents with babysitters via online and in person via Speed Sitting events. Through her first startup, she gained experience in entrepreneurship, building technology, and creating online communities.

Throughout her career, Maher has been successful at developing and executing sales and marketing strategies. She enjoys connecting with all types of people and solving problems. She believes technology is one way to to create a bridge and begin these collaborative conversations, particularly within the special needs community.

Maher resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Luke, and their 2 children, Yves and Luella. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, listening to podcasts, and cooking. She is exceptional at eating carbs. And by carbs, we mean donuts.


About Synapse Sitters is an online network that connects parents to specialized sitters who cater to children on the autism spectrum or have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

We provide qualified candidates and the network to connect.  You choose who you want to work with, when you are available, as well as how much you will pay/earn.  We know choosing the right caregiver or family to work with can be a daunting and overwhelming task, so let us help simplify it! is on online networking community.  We are not a placement agency and we do not endorse nor place Sitters with Families.  Our objective is to help connect Families and Specialized Sitters.  We provide the tools and resources for Parents and Sitters to connect using our innovative and secure online network.  Both parties independently decide if they would like to work together.  Even though our sitters are specialized, please remember that they are there to care for your children; they are not there to provide therapies.

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