Christine McDonnell

Co-Founder & CEO, Codelicious

Christine McDonnell

Co-Founder & CEO, Codelicious


Christine is the CEO & Co-Founder of Codelicious, a startup on a mission to help students build confidence through the exploration of technology. As CEO, Christine has a passion for helping educators teach problem-solving and analytical thinking through coding curriculum, and leads all aspects of Codelicious.

Christine’s inspiration to lead Codelicious came from the challenges she faced finding a collaborative, interactive learning environment where her own kids could learn coding and web design. As elementary and middle school students, Christine’s kids found they learned best in a hands-on setting; interacting with like-minded peers worked better for them than simply watching how-to videos. And it was the same for their friends. When they solved challenging algorithm or coding sequences, they felt like rockstars! Offering educators curriculum to ignite excitement and build problem solving skills in elementary and middle-school aged students is the passion that goes into every course that Codelicious builds.

Prior to Codelicious, Christine led her own consulting practice, McDonnell & Associates, LLC, where she focused on accelerating early stage, high-growth, technology companies. She has also served as Vice President of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, leading the team that developed the strategic vision and operating model for what is now the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and held leadership positions at McKinsey & Company and DuPont.

Christine has Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Her passions include spending time with her husband and three children, volunteering with Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and coaching VEX robotics.

About Codelicious

Codelicious is a startup focused on helping educators teach kids problem-solving and analytical thinking through coding curriculum. Codelicious has developed and licensed curriculum that suits different learning styles and encourages collaboration. Their curriculum is designed to meet educators and students where their interests lie and includes not only coding languages, but also graphic design applications, and engineering analytics packages. Their instructional model enables educators to spend more time teaching, and less time working on sourcing reliable, scalable curriculum.

Delivered to elementary and middle school educators in a SaaS-like subscription model, Codelicious optimizes the comprehensive approach of traditional textbook instruction with a cloud-based, collaborative and interactive curriculum. Each course contains learning objectives tied to educational standards, instructional narratives for the educator to conduct each lesson, and coding projects throughout each lesson that reinforce the learning of the concepts being taught. Our “challenge activities” keep even the most advanced students engaged. Optional hardware activities provide hands-on implementations of the concepts being taught. We update the curriculum at regularly scheduled intervals via our cloud based content management system, so that educators never have to worry about using an out-of-date curriculum.

The growing list of partners and opportunities to explore Codelicious’s innovative curriculum includes: The Microsoft Store, MSD Pike Township, Sycamore School, Carmel Clay Schools, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Codelicious is on a mission to help students discover how to think about and speak the language of technology. With hundreds of thousands of coding jobs going unfilled each year, Codelicious aims to dramatically increase the funnel of youth coders for tomorrow’s tech workforce, by providing coding curriculum for youth.

Codelicious. Code builds confidence.

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