Pitch Competition

For the past 6 years the Indiana Conference for Women has been proud to hold a pitch competition and for the 3rd year in a row The Startup Ladies are excited to organize and host it. The Startup Ladies is a membership organization that identifies, educates, connects, and increases investment in women entrepreneurs that are starting up or scaling their businesses. We do this through monthly meetups and bi-monthly Startup Study Halls. The organization is currently supporting more than 50 women-owned companies.

The four finalists for the 2017 Indiana Conference for Women pitch competition have already made their mark through their innovative entrepreneurial ideas, and will seek to make their mark on our panel of esteemed business professionals. Learn more below about this year’s finalists.


We would like to thank Frost Brown Todd for sponsoring the pitch competition.

2017 Pitch Competition Finalists


Christine McDonnell

Co-Founder & CEO, Codelicious

Marie Maher

Founder, Synapse Sitters LLC

Stephanie Corliss

Co-Founder and COO/CFO, SnapShyft

Caitlin Coffman

Founder & CEO, tend.ly

Feedback Panelists

Oscar Moralez

Founder & Managing Director, VisionTech Partners

Mike Langellier

CEO, TechPoint

Jackie DiMonte

VC, Hyde Park Ventures
Barb Cutillo

Barb Cutillo

Managing Partner, NextLevel

Thank you to all of the applicants who applied from Indiana and through the Midwest.

This was our most competitive year yet. Business plans were very sophisticated and the majority of applicants were investor-ready. We think this applicant pool denotes a movement amongst women to startup and scale very diverse product and service businesses. This is a very exciting time for women entrepreneurs. As we prepare for our 2018 conference, we invite you to apply to the pitch session next year. In the meantime, please get involved with The Startup Ladies to help prepare you for next year’s pitch competition.


Pitch Practice

All finalists will be required to attend the three Startup Study Halls listed below to prepare for the pitch session. Finalists should be ready to discuss their sales model and practice their pitches at each practice session. Startup Study Halls provide structure, consistency, and accountability to focus on moving your idea forward. A maximum of 25 students are admitted for each Study Hall.


Startup Study Hall

Startup Study Halls focused on preparing this year’s finalists will take place on the following dates: 10/18, 10/24 and 11/1. Each study hall will be held at: The Hatch in Indianapolis from 6:00pm-7:30pm



Participants must be prepared and in their seat no later than 6:00pm. For detailed information about each event, please visit: https://www.thestartupladies.org/startup-study-halls. Following is the agenda for each event.

6:00 pm – Eat, chat and find your seat
6:10 pm – Welcome
6:15 pm – Executive Mentor leads discussion
7:20 pm – Create 1 goal to be completed within 2 weeks – Executive Mentors will follow up with each student
7:30 pm – Wrap up

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Kristen Cooper, CEO & Founder, The Startup Ladies at Kristen@TheStartupLadies.org.

Kristen Cooper

Founder & CEO of The Startup Ladies
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