About Us

The Indiana Conference For Women is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the educational and professional development of women in Indiana and the Midwest. Since its inception, the one day conference has become the largest gathering of professional and women entrepreneurs in the Midwest.
This educational event that plays a large role in the overall goal that the founders, Deborah Collins Stephens and Billie Dragoo envisioned: the building of a strong ecosystem within the state that helps women build careers, create companies, and experience lives that are rewarding, healthy and happy. The Founders believe (and research shows) that environments which foster the growth and development of women lead to healthier and more resilient communities and stronger economic growth.
We support women from every background through every stage of their career.
When the Indiana Conference For Women began, there were very few resources for women in Indiana in comparison with the East and West coasts where educational resources, investment capital and networks are stronger, larger and older. Since 2009, there has been a proliferation of events, conference and resources aimed at serving women in Indiana. Yet too many of those resources are available only in a few of the larger cities, are aimed at a certain segment (ie. lawyers, c-suite executives, academics, entrepreneurs and/or students.) The Indiana Conference for Women was purposely designed to reach all women from all professions and levels of career along with women entrepreneurs.
This conference is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information from experts in their respective fields. Participating in the conference is with the understanding that the conference board and directors and its contractors are not engaged in rendering professional services.
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